Health, safety and protection of the environment are of prime importance to L&M SEAMASTERS LTD (L&M), which will seek to conduct its operations in such a way as to:

  • Avoid any harm to its employees, contractors and all others who may be affected directly or indirectly by its activities and to maintain the highest practicable achievable standards of safety and environmental protection
  • Ensure health, safety and environmental issues receive the same priority as other primary business objectives and are regarded as an integral part of the evaluation and subsequent, execution of all our activities.
  • Implement our policies and standards by clearly assigning responsibility and accountability through line management and supervision.

The continuing commitment of all employees to the highest standards of performance is of vital importance in achieving health, safety and environmental objectives.

L&M will ensure that employees have the required skills to meet this commitment.

In addition, L&M promotes and welcomes the active participation of all its employees in the establishment and observance of measures to improve their health and safety at work and to protect the air, water and land to maintain its fitness for human, plant and animal life.

L&M and Contractor employees on their part have a clear responsibility to co-operate and do their utmost to achieve these high standards. They are required to exercise self-discipline, maintain a high level of awareness, perform risk assessments, prevent injury to themselves and others, protect the environment and comply with all statutory obligations.

To maintain this HSE policy and to ensure adherence to governing requirements and industry standards for safe operations and pollution prevention a Safety Management System has been established and implemented in accordance with the requirements of the ISM Code.

Managing Director
Captain Lakis Mavrou.

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